Intensive driving courses

February 23, 2022 [email protected]

Intensive driving courses

What is an intensive driving course?

Intensive driving courses are an avenue some people take. These people want to pass their test and get their license as quickly as possible. These tend to be daily lessons between two and six hours long and usually last two weeks. While many people prefer to learn this way, it isn’t for anyone. Some people feel the idea of going from a total newbie to being qualified to drive in just over two weeks a little daunting! Luckily here at YouDrive we have something for everyone.

How manageable are intensive driving courses?

It is demonstrably possible. We have a number of students who can attest to this. While many intensive courses result in a comprehensive foundation for being a safe and capable driver, we tend to see marginally higher success rates for lessons spread over a few more weeks.

What is the difference between an intensive driving course and a crash course?

Nothing! Treat these as interchangeable terms.

Some courses offer guarantees around pass rates – can you do the same?

All claims around guaranteed passes should be taken with a pinch (or a mountain) of salt. Regardless of the route you’ve decided to go down for your driving tuition, the examiner will fail anybody who accumulates too many minor faults or accrues one major fault. No one can guarantee a pass. What we can do is promise to put you in the best position possible! We promise to equip you with the skills and confidence maximising your likelihood of passing!

What should you do?

Go at your own pace. Some people pick driving up very quickly while others will naturally take a little bit longer. We’d recommend buying a block of lessons which are usually taken in two hour sessions. If you’ve selected an instructor that is intensive course flexible, this may be something you can try if you are feeling up for it. If you feel like the pace is a little bit too fast, lessons can be rolled back and taken over a longer interval.

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