‘Driving instructors near me’ – and other frequent learner-driver queries

February 23, 2022 [email protected]

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Learner-drivers search for all sorts of terms on the internet. Here is a guide to all of the key questions and answers around learning how to drive.

Automatic vs manual cars 

This is a question asked by all would-be learner drivers – should I learn manual or automatic? This all boils down to a mixture of personal preference, motivations behind learning how to drive and a number of practicalities. For example, automatic lessons (as well as automatic cars) can be slightly more expensive but may also be the smarter option in congested cities given the reduced stopping and starting need. 

Manual lessons will be better for those on a budget and who plan on travelling larger distances with less stopping and starting. See our Automatic vs manual blog post for more information.

Booking intensive driving lessons 

Intensive driving courses are an option that many learner-drivers opt in to. They tend to be individuals who want to get their licence as quickly as possible. These driving lessons tend to be between two and six hours long and last between one and three weeks. 

While this is a popular option for some people, it definitely isn’t for everyone. Many people feel going from no experience to being totally qualified within two weeks to be a little bit daunting. In order to find out more about who these are best for – check out our intensive driving lessons blog post.

What is a DVSA approved driving instructor?

Learners need to make a number of important decisions on their adventure to becoming qualified. The most important, some may argue, is finding the best driving instructor for you. The first thing to verify is that your instructor is DVSA qualified. Check out our blog post on what it means to be a DVSA approved driving instructor.

How can I pass my theory test on my first time? 

The dreaded theory test! Many believe that studying for this is overwhelming, there are, however, many steps that you can take in order to stack the odds in your favour. These include, familiarising yourself with the highway code, having a good study plan and making sure to practice in your spare time. Check out our blog post around how to pass your theory test first time now for more information.

How do I prepare for my first driving lesson?

This is a very common query we get from learner drivers. Understandably your first practical driving lesson can be nerve wracking! We have put together a guide on how to be totally prepared heading into it. Some of the pointers include making sure you get some sleep, making sure to eat beforehand, having confirmed your time and location before pickup and making sure you have what you need to ensure the experience is as positive as possible. Starting strong is very important!  Check out our blog post on this for more details.

How do I know which driving instructor is right for me? 

As touched upon earlier, this is one of the key things to focus on in order to ensure you not only have a positive driving experience but also that you ensure to have the highest chances of passing! 

You want to select an instructor that suits your needs whether that’s their specific transmission, gender, availability, location, personality, teaching style or price – all are important and worth taking into account. Check out our in depth post around each of these points in more detail.

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