How do I know which driving instructor is right for me?

February 23, 2022 [email protected]

How do I know which driving instructor is right for me?

The primary thing to focus on when deciding on a driving instructor is the individual. You will be spending a lot of time with them. You therefore want to make sure their teaching style matches your learning style.

What should you look for when looking for a driving instructor?


This is perhaps the most basic of criteria. It is important to make sure that the driving instructor who catches your eye offers the transmission that you’re after. The majority of driving instructors teach manual. There are growing numbers who teach automatic as well as both.


While some learner drivers may feel awkward about enquiring into the gender of their instructor. It remains the case that many learner drivers feel more comfortable with a female driving instructor. The job of the driving school/marketplace to make sure that your needs, requirements and requests are met. It is also our job to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible over the course of your experience.


Sticking on the point of convenience, people will have different times of the day when they are available. It is important to ensure that your driving instructor can fit around your busy schedule. Some learner-drivers prefer to learn after work on weekdays, some in the morning on weekends. Ensuring that your driving instructor has the availability to suit your preferences is important to making sure your learner-driver relationship can grow over the weeks.

Unique Selling Points

Many driving instructors have unique selling points or areas of particular strength. Some have experience teaching those with mental and physical disabilities, some have experience teaching in bigger vehicles, some used to be schoolteachers etc. Finding out a little bit about this can help you tailor your choice to someone you think you’ll meld best with and help give you the best chance of coming out successful


Many learner drivers want someone who can pick them up and drop them off from a specific location, whether that’s their home, their school, their university, a library or somewhere in the centre of town. Convenience is key and it is therefore vital to make sure that your pick up and drop off location as well as your practice location is agreed upon and understood by both parties before proceeding.

How do I know which driving instructor is right for me?

Teaching Style

Finding out a little bit about your instructor before committing to an initial lesson can really ensure you’re making the right decision. Driving instructors tend to have their individualistic teaching style and learner-drivers tend to have individualistic learning styles. Finding out about whether your driving instructor can be accommodating to learning styles that may be more practical over oral can be important in order to maximise the chance that your relationship results in a positive outcome on your lessons.


Naturally price is a big thing! Different driving instructors charge different hourly rates. Many things can impact this price point including driver experience level, the location where the tuition is taking place as well as the number of hours you book in one go. Price comparison and transparency is a feature that can help make this decision clearer and worry free for learner drivers and parting with big sums of money always requires a significant amount of thought!

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