How many driving lessons do you need to pass your practical?

November 16, 2021 [email protected]

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What is recommended?

According to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), it takes the average person 45 hours of professional driving lessons to pass their driving test. Given that this is just an average, we can expect there to be natural variation around this number!

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What may impact the number of lessons you need?


The younger you are – the less amount of time you’ll need to pass your test on average. The DSA estimates an extra two hours of driving lessons for each year added and a quick look at the statistics backs this up

Frequency of lessons

Driving lesson continuity is very important. Most driving instructors recommend between 2-4 hours of driving lessons a week. It is also recommended that these lessons are taken in two hour blocks. Taking this into account will increase the likelihood of learning quickly and passing first time!

Non-professional practice hours

The DSA recommends ~20 hours of private practice on top of your professional lessons. Whether this is a family member or a friend, persuading them to take you out for extra practice is key! Whoever you choose, they’ll have to be over 21, have a suitable vehicle and have held their license for at least 3 years in order to help you with your private practice.

Learning style

People learn differently; while some may learn better physically and visually, others may learn better with verbal instruction. A good driving instructor should be able to customize your lessons to suit you – whatever your learning style

Financial tips

Everyone knows driving lessons aren’t cheap – a great way to save money is to investigate whether the instructors take block bookings. The more hours you book in advance the cheaper the cost per hour will be.

Your driving instructor

Choosing the right instructor from the get go is vital, doing so will help you progress week after week and maximise your chances of passing first time. Your instructor should monitor your progress with a learning program, keeping you updated on your progress, what you’ve mastered so far and what you’ve got left to learn. You can also download your own learning program ‘Drivers Record for Learner Drivers via the governments website.

How many driving lessons before my theory test?

Many people take their theory test before they’ve even had their first lesson, research indicates that having a number of driving lessons can actually help with passing your theory test. More specifically, a couple of practical driving lessons can help you with the hazard perception, road markings and road signs aspects of the theory test

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