Block booking discounts

At YouDrive, most of our driving instructors offer discounts on lessons that are booked in blocks. We believe that for newbies, this is by far the best course of action.

For one, it’s cheaper. Most learners take between 45 and 60 hours, but some take longer. This will depend on several factors including age, learning style, natural ability and inherent interest in driving. Whether you’re a naturally gifted driver and pick things up right away or if you’re someone who may take a little bit longer, booking lessons in blocks will save you money. We’ll be able to save you between £100-£200 on your lessons. This will depend on the instructor you select and the specific course you go with.

Secondly, paying for lessons up front allows for consistency of learning. Experienced instructors recommend between one and two lessons a week consistently over time. If you’ve already purchased the hours, you’ll be able to put a plan together with your instructor which ensures steady, progressive, and unbroken learning. This will ultimately result in the development of strong driving habits and the reinforcement of dependable driving skills.

Finally, it’s not only beneficial to your wallet and to your long-term driving prospects, but it can also help take a weight off your shoulders! No one wants to worry about having to book and pay for one driving lesson after another – keep it simple. If for whatever reason things don’t work out with your instructor, you can transfer all of your existing hours over to another instructor of your choosing 😊

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